Astralis partners with VELUX Group

Danish esports organization Astralis has announced a partnership agreement with local company VELUX Group. The parties will work together to provide the players with everything they need: daylight and fresh air.

This is reportedly the basis for a new research partnership between esports giant Astralis and the VELUX Group, the world's leading manufacturer of roof windows and related products.

Kasper Sindt, Astralis Chief Commercial Officer: "Over the years of working with performance optimization at Astralis, we have learned first hand that physical and mental balance is the key to the progress of our teams and players. To achieve the best results, you need to focus not only on what happens inside the game, but also on how you create the best possible environment for your teams.One of the ways our players will feel the impact of this is through a new focus on air quality in all of our game halls, practice areas and office spaces where we will monitor air quality with the AirBird climate sensor."

The parties do not disclose the financial details of the partnership agreement.

Anton Krag Lauritzen, Senior Marketing Manager at VELUX Group: "We want to show that indoor climate matters, that exposure to daylight and fresh air is not only good for health, but also improves productivity. Optimizing your play space can be the key to to get better at what you love, and through this research partnership with one of the most renowned teams in esports, we want to demonstrate how VELUX can be a game changer."

As part of the cooperation, VELUX Group will supply its climate sensors to the facilities of the eSports clubAirBird. In addition, a special themed competition will be launched for fans, the winner of which will receive a complete update of the gaming space.