Team Spirit announced their move to Serbia

The Russian esports organization Team Spirit has announced a move to Serbia. The club plans to open a new office in Belgrade, where it will move staff and teams.

The events taking place in the world are forcing us to abandon plans to expand the infrastructure in Moscow and focus on moving the staff and teams of the club to Belgrade.

The unique thing about esports has always been its accessibility. Wherever you live, whatever you do, whatever you believe in, the doors to esports have always been open for you. Things are changing, however, and one of those changes is the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, where many of our players and staff are from. Considering all the circumstances, among which there are both practical and ethical ones, the decision to change the place of deployment is the only correct one.

Esports has never had borders and reference to a point on the map. We at Team Spirit have built a close relationship with the community around the world for many years, and we believe that it will only get stronger. It doesn't matter where you live or what language you speak.

Note that currently the Team Spirit Dota 2 roster is at the bootcamp in Serbia. Probably, the CS:GO team is also located there, which also gathered for a bootcamp on the eve of the start of the RMR tournament.