Coca-Cola partners with Wild Rift esports ecosystem

Riot Games has announced soft drink maker Coca-Cola as a global founding partner of the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports ecosystem. As part of a multi-year deal, the manufacturer will partner with the publisher to create a "unique fan experience" for the game and the esports tournament series.

The deal includes a weekly content series in addition to "creating value for the community" through a range of rewards and experiences for Wild Rift fans.

Leo Faria, Wild Rift Global Head of Esports at Riot Games: "Coca-Cola helped launch what is now the biggest esports discipline on the planet, League of Legends, so I'm thrilled that they see the future of Wild Rift as well. It's a partnership will span over 100 countries, including the eight regional leagues that serve as the foundation for our sport."

Moreover, Riot Games has outlined plans for the first esports season of Wild Rift. Regional tournaments will act as a qualifier for the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, which will take place in the summer.

Selman Careaga, President of Coca-Cola: "We look forward to working closely with the Wild Rift team to bring new content and experiences to more fans around the world in the coming months and years."

This partnership is not the first time Riot Games and Coca-Cola have collaborated. From 2014 to 2016, the manufacturer joined forces with the publisher to host the League of Legends World Championship to create a range of collectibles.