Cloud9 announces partnership with Serena Williams

North American esports organization Cloud9 announced the start of a partnership with the legendary tennis player Serena Williams. As a result, Cloud9, in partnership with Williams, will transform its youth development initiative at learning sites into a full-fledged program.

Through the partnership, Williams will be collaborating on the Mindset of a Champion of the Training Grounds course. During the course, Williams will personally talk about the practices and changes in thinking that have helped her in her career as an athlete. The course is also expected to include specific tips for teaching "Champion Thinking" to young esports players.

Cloud9 training grounds were originally announced as an online summer camp last year, however the North American organization decided to develop it after positive feedback. According to a press release, the idea behind the training camp is to nurture the next generation of esports athletes.

Following this announcement, Cloud9 also partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance, an organization dedicated to creating a positive youth culture. The course, co-developed with Williams, will also be offered free of charge to school teachers, parents, and coaches on the Positive Coaching Alliance's website.