Andbox announces partnership with Moonwalk

North American esports organization Andbox has announced a partnership with the Moonwalk service platform. It is reported that the organization will strive to provide interoperability with Web3 and the NFT utility through the platform. Web3 refers to decentralized applications that run on the blockchain.

The Moonwalk platform is designed to connect NFTs with content and purchases in the brand's digital ecosystem. The platform's functionality ranges from unblocking social channels and virtual contacts to selling tickets in real life. At the same time, details regarding Andbox NFT tokens and their subsequent use were not disclosed.

Shiv Madan, Moonwalk CEO:“NFTs are disrupting the way brands and creators engage audiences and build a community. The Moonwalk platform allows brands and creators to build highly engaged communities around Web3 and NFT. We are excited to partner with Andbox and their teams to bring eSports communities a new way of interaction, participation and value of disclosure. We see e-sports as a potentially important supporter of the NFT, and Andbox there are opportunities for large-scale implementation NFT utility. "

Moonwalk joins companies such as the audio peripheral brand ASTRO Gaming and the North American insurance company USAA Insurance as partners with the North American esports organization.