NASR Esports partners with TikTok

Esports organization NASR Esports has announced a partnership with the TikTok platform. As a result of the deal, the TikTok logo appeared on the team's recently updated jersey. In addition, the partnership agreement will include content collaboration aimed at engaging both parties in the MENA region's gaming community.

Hani Kamel, Director of Content at TikTok MENA:“At TikTok, we pride ourselves on bringing together communities with different perspectives on a shared love for the sport, the athletes and the teams they care about. As esports content is hugely popular in our community. we are confident that our partnership with NASR Esports will benefit our growing sports community in the MENA region. "

According to the press release, the partnership aims to provide the TikTok community with "immersive, high-quality gaming content" from professional gamers and content creators.

Tajudin Abdul Kadhar, Head of Marketing, Growth and Influence at NASR Esports:“TikTok is by far the most influential platform for any organization, brand or even a group of friends. with TikTok ".

Note that only in 2021, the TikTok platform entered into partnership agreements with many esports organizations, including Fluxo, EMERGE Esports, ONE Esports, Enthusiast Gaming, FIGHT Esports and Tundra.