FACEIT announces long-term partnership with NAVI

The eSports platform and tournament organizer FACEIT announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the Ukrainian eSports organization NAVI. As part of the agreement, the parties will work together to launch a number of initiatives that include the creation of leagues run by the organization.

Christian Duca, Senior Partnerships Manager at FACEIT:"Our partnership with NAVI is a great example of how organizations can use FACEIT tools to create personalized experiences for their communities, increase fan engagement and find new ways to find next generation talent for their teams."...

The created NAVINATION Hub will allow CIS-based players to compete and win various prizes along with the opportunity to be noticed by NAVI scouts. The leagues will use FACEIT and anti-cheat servers to ensure that the playing field is level.

Evgeny Zolotarov, CEO of NAVI: "Our partnership with FACEIT is extremely valuable both at the commercial and product levels. Thanks to the platform, we can open new sources of income from sponsorship sales, as well as have received powerful new tools for finding new talent for our academy. and to interact with our fans in a different and unique way. "

FACEIT becomes NAVI's tenth partner, alongside companies such as PUMA, Monster Energy and AndaSeat.