ESL Gaming partners with Freaks 4U Gaming

Tournament organizer ESL Gaming announced the conclusion of a multi-year partnership agreement with marketing agency Freaks 4U Gaming. As a result of the deal, Freaks 4U Gaming will become the official licensee and operator of the national ESL competitions and DreamHack festivals in Germany and France.

As part of the deal, Freaks 4U Gaming will produce content that will be included in national ESL and DreamHack products, as well as German and French broadcasts of the ESL Pro Tour. In addition, the two companies will continue to work closely together on local commercialization and further development of these products.

Before assuming the role and responsibilities of DreamHack organizer, Freaks 4U Gaming is presumably evaluating various new developments to improve the event.

Michael Henisch, CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming:“Together with ESL, we are delighted to have the opportunity to continue to develop the German and French esports ecosystems as part of Freaks 4U Gaming's initiatives to expand our pan-European presence. As we strengthen the competitive environment for professional teams, we also wanted would focus on developing young talent. "

According to the press release, the partnership is a natural development, reflecting the respective strategic roadmaps and competencies of both companies. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen Germany and France as the leading eSports markets for players, fans and partners.