Thai government recognizes esports as an official sport

Thai Federation progaming (TESF), the body established to manage the e-sports in Thailand, announced that e-sports will be recognized as a professional sport in the country.

On September 20, TESF shared a notice from the Royal Gazette, which publishes legal and regulatory notices from the Thai government, declaring esports as a professionally recognized sport.

The declaration will open up many benefits for the local esports industry and its members. This includes access to funding, national awards, promotions and support to help manage events, clubs and other associations. In addition, eligible esports teams and athletes will have access to financial support from the Sports Authority of Thailand and its Professional Sports Promotion Foundation.

TESF, headquartered in Bangkok, organizes and organizes competitions both domestically and internationally throughout Southeast Asia. For example, the Federation hosted Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in 2020, which brought in Razer and Samsung Galaxy as partners for the event.