Astralis buys Northern League of Legends Championship slot from Tricked Esport

Danish esports organization Tricked Esport has announced the sale of its spot in the Northern League of Legends Championship to its Astralis peers. As a result of the deal, Astralis Talent will compete as part of the 2022 NLC Spring Season.

The news follows from a post by Astralis Stormbringers, the organization's Spanish youth team, which is sold to the sports and entertainment company Kosmos. It is already known that Astralis secured a place in the NLC.

Natasha Voetmann, League of Legends Manager of Tricked Esport: "We end our story in NLC in first place. We are the first team in history that is not the LEC Academy to win first place. This gave us the opportunity to play against some of the best teams in Europe. at the EU Masters, where we finished among the top 12 ".

According to the official announcement of Tricked Espot, the organization will adhere to the concept of talent development, which includes creating a team that will compete at the national level. Last season, Tricked Esport became the champion of the Northern League of Legends Championship Summer 2021.

Last month, Freaks 4U Gaming replaced DreamHack as the NLC host. As a result, the League introduced a new ecosystem with multiple divisions.